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Hi. I’m Annie!

My expertise in career services started in 2009 when I began working for the MU Career Center in Columbia, Missouri. I fell in love with writing resumes and researching companies across various industries on behalf of my clients. My undergrad studies focused on Human Resources but after finding HR somewhat dry in the real world I continued my career search. After 7 years of hiring, recruiting, working in staff development and marketing, I went back to school to earn my MA in Media Communication. Throughout it all, I decided it was time to combine my media savvy with the hiring landscape of the Information Age.

How do we get job satisfaction? – to me, this is a beautiful question.  I want to use this weird passion to help others find their happiness at work.

When I’m not conducting training workshops, job searching, resume writing, or studying work culture I can be found hamming it up on stage as a comedy improviser and sketch writer/performer. My Strengthsquest talents are Learner, Adaptability, Positivity, Input, Context, and Ideation.