Dream Job: Adi Ramakrishna, Medical Science Liason

Meet Adi

adi face

Medical Science Liason, Health Outcomes & Pharmacoeconomics

Woooaahh, that title. It seems intimidating at first – what does Adi actually do? I’m very pleased to have a more nuanced explanation of that below, but before we get to that part – who does this apply to and why does it matter?

Do you feel like each day you start from zero? Do you feel an energy that drives you to accomplish a goal each day, regardless of how small? Adi, like other humans, is complex with many interests, but the difference for Adi is his Achiever talent. An achiever thrives in a work environment that allows them to create and manage their levels of productivity.

Adi is a beautiful mix of human with strengths in relationship building,  science knowledge, business poise, and he is inspired through creativity. His achiever talent is apparent in all of his accomplishments, but as a person, one meeting is enough to experience Adi’s warmth and interest in others.

Read on readers! Adi’s self-managed career helps him thrive, and you too, can better your job satisfaction through self-managing your strengths to your career decisions.

What’s your title? What do you do? How long have you done this?

Medical Science Liaison: Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics. Shortened to MSL:HOPE. I like having Hope in my title. After all, it worked for Obama. Titles are just words though, and different companies have different titles for my job. Like Batman said, “It’s not who I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me.” That’s right, I’ve mentioned Obama and Batman one paragraph into my job description. Narcissism, check!

So, what do I do? Long story: I meet with insurance companies, researchers, and physicians who are on the cutting edge of science to pick their brain and give them any unbiased, peer reviewed information they need. For example, I work with a particular brand of products known as biosimilars, which are low cost options for super expensive injectable drugs for cancer, arthritis, and many other diseases. I need to gauge what the level of understanding is for these products across all three of those groups, and provide them with information they ask for in order to make more educated decisions.

Short story: I talk science with people much smarter than me and try my hardest to keep up. I’ve been at it for the last 3 years.obama bat man 2

What jobs or past experiences have led you to the current thing that pays you money (your job)?

I’ve been blessed with a lot of student debt. Student debt that allowed me to stay in school long enough to escape with a pharmacy and business degree. I was then blessed to live in glorious Indiana, where I worked for a company named after a flower. Lilly. Actually, it was named after a Colonel in the Civil War who failed in just about every business venture he attempted until he stumbled across pharmaceuticals. Look up his life sometime: Eli Lilly. Dude had a crazy life. I’ll wait till you’ve come back from Wikipedia.

eli lilly
Eli Lilly, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Back already? My favorite part about Eli Lilly’s story is where he led a battalion nicknamed the “Jackass Battery.” Anyway, I digress.

I worked at Lilly as a sales rep for a year, got laid off, scrambled for a job and lucked into the MSL role about 2 days before I was going to be out on the streets. I’ve been at it ever since.

What occupation did you imagine having when you were 5? What about at 25?

Well, I lived in India until I was 11, so I always imagined myself a cracker jack Cricket player. Bowling googlys and batting centuries with full blooded strokes. What am I doing? I don’t need to elaborate for you, the avid cricket fan of this blog.

Well, life happened and next thing I knew, here I was in the US where kids use gloves to catch pop ups instead of their bare, bloodied, calloused hands. Pansies.

At 25? Since I’m 29 now, I guess four years haven’t really changed my career outlook that dramatically. I still know that I’m going to make it as a reality TV star after I marry, and subsequently divorce, one of the Kardashians and use my newfound 15 mins of fame to plug Frank Zito’s wonderful sketch show, “Improvidence.”

The Best: Tell us, what’s the best part of your job?

The travel, hands down! I get to attend conferences at New Orleans, Miami, New York, Philly, Milan, Buenos Aires, and other amazing cities.

My territory is also kickass: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Phoenix, Las Vegas. I absolutely love my territory.

Along with the travel comes the down time after my meetings are done. Typically I’ll have one or two meetings in a day. After I wrap up the meetings, any conference calls, and wrap up for the day, I have plenty of time to catch an improv show, play in an open jam, meet up with friends, or attend a sports game. You’ll usually see me post on the Traveling Improvisers Network, or thumbing through apps like Hangtime or Viator before I head to a new city.

adi hawaii

The Stink: Tell us, what’s part of the job that you really wish were different?

I honestly feel blessed to have this job, and can’t really complain about anything in particular. Expense reports are a pain, but then again, at least I didn’t have to spend my own money. Occasional conference calls at 6 or 7 am PST are rough because of colleagues in the east coast, but then again they all stop by 1-2 pm and I have quiet time to actually get things done. Nope, can’t complain about anything.

Outside of your job, how do you spend your time?

Improv, sketch, and film-making. I’m taking classes at Second City Hollywood. I’m midway through my current project: converting my second bedroom to a green screen sketch filming studio. I’ve built a powerhouse workstation that can eat Adobe cloud and 3D animating software for breakfast. My goal is to be able to write a sketch, improvise/act it, film it, edit it, and publish it all from my own apartment. That tends to take up some of my free time.

adi over fire

Who is someone you look up to for career inspiration?

I’ve learned from all types of people. Career wise, I look up to mentors in my company and outside my industry. As far as inspiration, Elon Musk, is a highly motivated over achiever/workaholic who has changed the world considerably. His ability to bounce around from industry to industry, while still maintaining that thread of working towards sustainability and innovating every field he touches, is beyond inspiring. He’s probably in his office right now. Why are you reading this blog instead of working?

What is your advice to people who are interested in a similar career?

In all seriousness, if you are reading this and are considering college, get a Pharm.D. It is the quickest and most versatile doctoral degree in the world (you can work in a pharmacy, within industry, in insurance companies, in entrepreneurship, in tech, in consulting, the list is endless). It also starts you off with a great salary and good benefits. I’m a proponent of building your safety net early in your life, so you can take risks later. And if you are at all worried about not being smart enough, remember C’s get degrees. Just stick with it.

C’s get degrees. Just stick with it.

If you could read these questions about someone else, who would you want to see answer them? (can give a job title or name a specific person).

Elon Musk, Batman, Obama, or Carlo Sanfilippo. All people who have, and continue to, inspire me.

Any other passing words of advice or anything neat you have going on that you would like to share with us?

If this is out before Friday, Sept 25th, and you live in St. Louis, check out Frank Zito’s wonderful sketch: Improvidence at the Sham Film Festival. It should be on at 7 pm at Winifred Moore Auditorium in Webster University. Frank is a uniquely talented director and deserves your support! Also, he cast me in his sketch, so clearly he’s a man with a great sense of charity.

Passing words of advice: Make your bed every morning (it starts your day with a small win and builds momentum), take a cold shower for 2-3 minutes (it builds your willpower), meditate for 10-20 minutes (it sharpens your focus and prepares you for the bullshit you will deal with throughout the day), cut down on carbs and up your healthy fats, meats, and veggies (you are what you eat), and most importantly, read every day (or listen to books on audible). Wow, giving advice is so easy! Thank God I don’t have to do all those things.

Thanks Adi! Love the passing advice – maybe one day I will be able to get 2 of those down simultaneously.  Keep doing what you do best and thanks for sharing some of your brain with us.

Also, p.s – Cricket, whaa? Fun!


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