The Sunday Story with Keisha Mabry

The Sunday Story from

This is Your Sandbox:

 Keisha Mabry

keisha mabry 2

Director of Innovation for College Bound

The Sunday Story is an event hosted by This Is Your Sandbox at 9am on Sunday, September 20th at The Focal Point in Maplewood, Missouri.

Keisha Mabry is the guest speaker for this event and I had the opportunity to catch a sneak peak of her speech at rehearsal over the weekend. Work Theory followers who are feeling unsure about where they are in their career journey, this is for you.

For an idea of what to expect Sunday, I will tease you with an excerpt from Keisha’s speech. She eloquently lays out 3 questions she faced when she was searching for her purpose. She asked herself,

“Why am I here?

How will I be? (What will I stand for?)

What will I do?”

I don’t want to ruin the ending for you – and I won’t mangle Keisha’s words by attempting to relay the rest of the story here. But I will tell you — time and time again, throughout rehearsal, I was inspired by her words, her experiences, and how she is spending her time now.  Come see what she says about passion and purpose.

Keisha said she, “dreamt of a life outside of her reality.”

This is something you can do too!

Her story is entirely engaging. If you’re feeling lost, come meet Keisha. She is someone who will tell you from personal experience how to figure out what’s next.

Tickets available at The Sunday Story.

Click that link above, or click here for tickets. Or buy them at Focal Point before the event, although, I’d advise you to buy them now before they sell out.

Onward Theorists!


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