Dream Job: Aimee Loyet, Trade Events Coordinator of Headphones for Harmon International

Meet Aimee

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Trade Events Coordinator of Headphones

Are you someone who has an idea and immediately begins working? Do you consider yourself to be someone who enjoys doing rather than talking or planning? You might be someone with a talent of activation. Activators make things happen. If you have a hard time waiting around for things to happen, a position that creates events could be just the job for you.

Aimee is outgoing, charming, and seems to make & crush goals with incredible ease. Her job has taken her to 16 states this year – as well as a trip abroad to Tokyo. She landed her current gig by researching companies that share her values and reached out to them. Take a page from Aimee’s book and read her advice below on getting an interview (and ultimately hired) for a job that’s not even posted.

If you’re interested in travel, leaving the desk job behind, or ready to just get started already!!!! – Check out Aimee’s responses below.

What’s your title? What do you do? How long have you done this?
I am the Trade Events Coordinator of Headphones at Harman International. In a nutshell, I coordinate and execute our direct-to-consumer and business-to-business trade show events. Everything from securing space, entertaining additional marketing opportunities, coordinating travel for myself and staff, set-up and tear-down of the expo space and recapping the events (and so much more!) fall into my bucket. I recently celebrated my one year workiversary in August!


What jobs or past experiences have led you to the current thing that pays you money (your job)?
Before Harman International, I worked for Special Olympics Missouri coordinating our year-round sporting events for our athletes in the St. Louis area. I’ve always been motivated by traveling and seeing as much of the world as possible so it was a no-brainer when my current opportunity came to light.

What occupation did you imagine having when you were 5? What about at 25?
No doubt when I was 5 I was going to be an elementary school teacher (like a lot of girls at 5). I entertained working in Public Relations for NASCAR teams throughout college but ultimately decided to stay in St. Louis. I’ve always been a personable, outgoing person so a public-facing job is a must for me. Sitting in a cubicle behind a computer screen is not where I am going to excel as a professional.

The Best: Tell us, what’s the best part of your job?
I get to travel across the country and even had an chance to go to the Tokyo Marathon. Of course, you’re in a city for a few days focused on work but I coordinate my schedule to maximum my time in a market by scheduling red-eyes whenever possible (yes, I said red-eyes). Our office is packed with young, brilliant, motivated people. Plus, the view is amazing!

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The Stink: Tell us, what’s part of the job that you really wish were different? 
As much as I love traveling, it has its downfalls. I’ve slept on the floor of an airport, missed events with family and friends and sprinted through terminals to make a flight. Plus, managing and keeping track of logistics gets complicated now and again. However, knock on wood, I’ve been pretty lucky for the amount of travel I do.

Outside of your job, how do you spend your time?
You’d think I would never want to see the inside of an airplane when I’m “off the clock” but again, I have wanderlust so I’m usually galavanting somewhere. Catching up with friends and family is a must. I recently purchased my first home so I expect decorating and the joys of homeownership will be taking up a lot of my time.

Hollywood Jump

Who is someone you look up to for career inspiration?
My parents started their own commercial landscaping company over 26 years ago from nothing. Growing up, I remember Dad working long hours and Mom helping with the books after hours. Their dedication and hard work is something that’s been instilled in me from an early age. The older I get the more respect I have for them because I can fully understand the sacrifices they made for my brother and I.

What is your advice to people who would like a position like yours?
I didn’t wait for this job to be posted on a website; I sought out this opportunity. I found a product and mission I believed in and sent a cold email to a generic email address at yurbuds, the start-up Harman International acquired. If you want something, no one is going to hand it over.

Any other passing words of advice or anything neat you have going on that you would like to share with us?
In one year, I have managed 41 events, spent 94 nights on the road, took 73 flights covering over 77,000 miles in 16 states and one other country. I could have never imagined that was going to be how the last 365 days panned out!

Thanks Aimee. Wishing you safe travels!


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